Kroma A / S is a company founded in 1915. in Denmark. Machinery, production equipment, cleaning and processing systems for various freshwater and saltwater fish are used in processing plants, located on all continents. More than 40 years ago, Kroma A / S began production of fish processing machinery and equipment, specializing in the processing of trout species. In the mid – 1980s, the company also developed a mackerel processing machine, which has a significant part of worldwide sales of machines in this class.

The production sheet of Kroma A / S is continuously expanding with the development of new machinery and equipment, meeting the international standards for occupational safety, quality and safety of food.

By purchasing a Kroma A / S processing machine, customers get a “reliable employee” for years to come. And to the moment of operation are the machines of the company delivered to customers in the late 70s.

The machines of the company, delivered to customers in the late 70s, are still in operation. Bulgarian Fish Farms Ltd. together with Kroma A / S develops complete concepts of technological production processes for fish and fishery products processing plants. “Bulgarian Fish Farms” Ltd., together with Kroma A / S, creates production technologies for working with the machines created by Kroma A / S as “building blocks” to achieve efficient and high quality production.