Preparation of complete project documentation

Design and construction of aquaculture production systems and processing plants in accordance with the European and national legislation for the investment design and preparation of documents related to the procedures for issuing construction permits.

Consulting and preparation of documents

Consulting and drafting of permit documents by:

Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, Basin Directorate, Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Regional Health Inspectorate and others.

Preparation of production programs and product lists

Development of technological production programs according to technological equipment, capacity and assortment of production and market needs.

Analysis of investment and production

Conducting investment cost analyzes to optimize them. Development of a business plan for the investment intent, a timetable plan for implementation, a plan for cash flow management and opportunities for using investment financial instruments.

Project management and activity audit

Management and control of the investment project implementation and reporting of processes. Performance audit of design and production indicators.

Evaluation of project proposals

Evaluation of project proposals – ex-ante evaluation of administrative compliance, technical and financial evaluation of project proposals, for funding from operational programs and banking institutions.