About us

In 2012, we united the professionalism, the experience and the innovative thinking of an international team of highly qualified specialists with long experience in the field of Aquaculture and created “Bulgarian Fish Farm” Ltd.

The company’s technological solutions include the best Aquaculture business practices, directed to efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly production.

Our projects are focused on increasing profitability through higher added value of production, ensuring sustainability, growth and competitiveness, which we achieve through optimization, reengineering and management of production processes.

Our team applies an individual approach to each customer by forming a business model with feasible, practical and effective solutions.

The result of our long-lasting work is the enduring professional collaboration with well-established leading recirculating system manufacturers, fish processing machines and manufacturers of various types of accompanying equipment, which meets the needs of our customers, feed manufacturers.


BULGARIAN FISH FARMS LTD is a sales representative of the Danish companies “KROMA” A / S and the successor of “INTER AQUA ADVANCE” A / S – “ASSENTOFT AQUA” A / S and a partner of the Danish company “FREA AQUACULTURE SOLUTIONS” ApS, as and the Greek company “BIOMAR HELLENIC” SA.


What we offer

Analysis and Strategic Planning

Our team of experts prepares sectoral analyzes and performs individual strategic planning relevant to our customers’ production.

Business consulting and conceptual modeling in the Aquaculture sector

The business consultants of the company prepare a conceptual model and concept of the investment proposal and a diagram of the technological flows.

Development of technological projects

The team of aquaculture and biotechnology technologists applies scientific knowledge and experience and uses good manufacturing practices to develop technological solutions for aquaculture farms.

Investment design

The designers and engineers of the team make a complete design of the investment plan and prepare all the necessary documents for the realization of the project.

Trade representation and mediation

Our partners are European equipment manufacturers for the technological solutions we offer.

Our experience is in the field of:

Technological design

Design of technological equipment for aquaculture systems:

  • Recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS);
  • Cage fish farming systems;
  • Flow fish farming systems.

Investment design

“Bulgarian Fish Farms” Ltd. offers complete investment design in all its design parts and turnkey Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAC) construction.


We have experience in the design and construction of processing production lines and the overall design and construction of aquaculture processing plants.


Reorganization and optimization of the production processes of existing farms and processing enterprises in order to increase their efficiency

Our philosophy

Your success is also our success!

Our company profile reflects the individuality of our customers and the team of the company. Our working principles include: setting clear goals, open dialogue, mutual respect, and proper partnership.


Our mission is to create and develop sustainable and competitive productions. The combination of knowledge, experience and innovative thinking is directed to the search for new technological solutions to increase the efficiency of production and achieve the highest quality at the best price.