FREA Aquaculture Solutions

“Frea Aquaculture Solutions” ApS is a aquaculture farm machinery and equipment manufacturing company created and operated by three generations of fish farmers.

FREA is an acronym for the “Fully REcirculated Aquaculture system”, which places the company’s emphasis for more than 30 years on creation of aquaculture farming technologies  based on the principle of recirculation industrial systems. The word “Solutions” in the name of the company emphasizes the offering of complete solutions “FOR” and “IN COLLABORATION” with the clients of the company.

FREA‘s core principle – “Keep it simple – make it work” – emphasizes the company’s approach to finding solutions that guarantee high efficiency and operational reliability, high quality, easy to operate, low maintenance costs, guaranteeing the lowest cost in aquaculture production.

The professional advantage of the company lies in the combination of theory and practice, through the application of the developed and continuously improved technologies in its own  eleven fish farms, based on different production methods – from conventional – flow-through  to recirculation full-cycle farms for breeding and rearing. FREA’s total production reaches up to 4,000 tonnes of annual production of fish stocking material and fish for consumption.

Adopting the motto of its partners, “Bulgarian Fish Farms” is working to provide its customers with the latest generation of recycling systems, characterized by high operational safety and reliable management of production processes at low production costs, high quality combined with low production cost, leading to sustainable financial results.