Production complex for the reproduction and growing of trout fish up to 2 kilograms

Project Description

Production complex for the reproduction and growing of trout fish up to 2 kilograms in a full-system recirculating system

  • Category: Engineering
  • Phase: Technical
  • Client: Bulgarian Fish Farms Ltd
  • Location: Town of Samokov

The project provides the construction of a plant for the production of salmon fish up to 2 kg. in a full-body, recirculating aquaculture system.

The delivery, installation and commissioning as well as the following production activity will be carried out in open production pools with additional production buildings, built on a plot of land with the established right to build for Bulgarian Fish Farms EOOD. The whole investment is aimed at growing species with very good market potential – rainbow trout in two categories: 1. to 350 grams – with a capacity of about 185 tons / year. 2 to 2 kg – with a capacity of about 284 t / y.

The production process goes through three phases:
1. Reproductive production process – breeding, production of a breeder up to 12 g and breeding of uterine herds;
2. Fattening – Cat. 1 – 12-350 g.
3. Fattening – Cat. 2 – 350 g – 2 kg.

The technology program provides for a gradual capacity utilization to stabilize the process and achieve the optimal conditions for product breeding, as well as full monitoring and management of water performance. The production volume is about 470 tons / year and is in line with the capacity of the plant and the possibilities of extraction of the product under normal load of the facilities and minimal water consumption. The technological equipment under the project is in line with the consistency of RAC’s manufacturing processes, including the integration of patented technology solutions and good manufacturing practices. The project provides 12 new working places, as well as activities to improve safety and working conditions by purchasing personal protective equipment and special working clothes, acquiring the BS OHSAS 18001 standard, equipping places for food and rest for the employees, training for employees to work safely with the new equipment and measures to improve the energy and resource efficiency of the plant by 12.85%.