Modernization of a fish processing plant

Project Description

Modernization of a fish processing plant

  • Category: Reengineering
  • Phase: Technical
  • Client: Byala Reka HPP Ltd
  • Location: Voyniagovo village, Plovdiv district

The project is aimed at increasing the efficiency of production through new technological solutions and machines, expanding the range of production and optimizing the energy efficiency of an existing processing plant, owned by Byala Reka-HPP Ltd.

The plant has been in operation for nine years and is supplied with raw material from its own trout farm.

The project plans optimization of the production process within the existing production building, and includes integration into the production process of a fish gutting and cleaning machine in the range of 290-600 grams, which has a closed vacuum cycle for cleaning and washing the fish and automatically removing excessive animal products, obtained from the processing in a container for the storage of ABP.

The implementation of this technology facilitates the production process, eliminating the source of pollution at the point of its origin, increasing significantly the environmental factor of the whole process. The application of the new technological solutions also makes it possible to expand the range of production by packaging fractions with different sizes , using a machine with an automatic tracer for packaging in a gas environment.

The project also includes the introduction of an environmental management system, according to ISO14001: 2015, and the construction of local facilities for 100% collection of industrial and dangerous waste.

The optimization of the production process is related to providing an opportunity to increase its efficiency while preserving the existing, creating five new working spots and improving working conditions. The introduction of new machines into the production process leads to energy savings, reduces environmental impact, including waste treatment and increases capacity of the plant.